[JOLSE] Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream

January 15, 2018

Hai !
So today I wanna tell you one skincare that I recently used, it's Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream. Oh, I got this product from Jolse.com (thank you so much !) hihi. This is the first time I got a product from Jolse, and since it was sent from Korea, I was afraid it's stuck at the custom. But, luckily it came to my house safely *wohooo*
So happy ! huahaha

Ok, back to the product. I've never tried "bee venom" products, and never heard about this brand before. So I'm excited to try this :D But first, let's talk about the packaging

This product came with a box, the box packaging is hexagon and it's kinda unique lol.The box made from paper or maybe like a cardboard (?), and contain a lot of description about the product, ingredients and any other information that written in Korean (that I don't know what is it lol), but thanks God there's English translation.

Product info
All Skin Type
Volume : 55 ml
Made in Korea
Better use it 12 months after opened.

CAUTION : For external use only and avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult with a physician. Keep out reach of children.

-You can see the ingredients at the pic above-
Honey, bee venom, propolis and royal jelly ingredients of this skin vitality cream soothe tired and irritated skin and provide silmuta-neously rich moisture and nutrition.

This product is all in one cream that revolves various skin concerns. It manages your dry, lack of vitality, and tired skin to be smooth and healthy. It's safe to use, because it's dermatologist tested & approved. It doesn't contain paraben, mineral oil, or benzophenone~4 (which can cause irritation). Oh ya, you'll get a magnet to let you know if you got the authentic product or not. (But I don't know how to use it lol)

I spot a quote here !
"God loves you as you are" ❤

So the product packaging is a jar, and it's quite handy (not too big, but it's not too small). It's made from a solid plastic. Oh ya, I love the design tho, it's yellow with a lil' touch of silver which make it looks fresh.

In the bottom of the packaging, there's written an information about exp date, and best use after opened. So if you lost the box, you still have an important information in the packaging hehe.

What I like about the packaging is, there's a lid above the product (the lid was made from a plastic but it's sooooo thin). There's no spatula included :( *uhhh I hope there is* and it's not hygiene to use a finger tho, so I used my own spatula.

The cream texture is really-really light! When I rub it with my finger, I can feel the cream texture transformed to watery texture, and it's totally easy to absorb OMG. It smells like honey that really light but still sweet.

It moistures my skin well ! It makes my skin looks healthy, supple and fresh. Oh ya, Honestly I was afraid it will makes my skin more oily because the claims are "mosturize" and it cares dryness skin (FYI I have an oily-combination skin), but surprisingly it suitable for my skin. Yeah, of course I can't use it too much. Usually I use a lil' bit (just like 3 corn kernels) for my whole face.
The results are there's no break out at all, and it can make my make up more flawless.
No more dehydrated skin ! hihi


Pros :
+ The packaging is unique
+ It containts a magnet that will make you know if it's authentic or not
+ Light texture
+ Easy to absorb
+ Smells good
+ Makes my skin healthy, supple and fresh
+ No break out
+ Suitable for any skin type
+ Paraben free

Cons :
- No spatula included

Price : USD 18.88

Rate : 4/5
Recommended ? Yes !
Where to buy ? JOLSE ! There's a discount wohoo ❤ (click the pic below to shop)

You can check the products here

So, do you want to try? hihi
 Thanks for reading, and see you on my next post ! ❤


  1. Terus aku nemu dong kalimat "oh, ya." Di postingan bhasa inggris .__.

  2. Harganya terjangkau banget dehh...

  3. so exclusive and unique this packaging


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