About Me

Hai !
Thanks for visiting my blog 
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Natasha Stefanie Setiawan.
You can call me, Natasha, Nanat or Fanie.
But, people usually know me as NataHsu ^^

I was born in Banjarmasin (South Borneo)
Date : Saturday, 14th Sept '96

Btw, my previous blog was natahsu.blogspot.co.id that's why a lot of products have a watermark with that blog on it.
But it's moving to www.sprinkleofrain.com at Oct 21,2017 hihi.

I love writing ('Cause I just don't wanna talk too much lol)
I love sunset, stars, crane, origami and beauty things !
OH ! I love paper crafting 
Place : I hate standing in a crowded place, I prefer go to a quiet place that will make me relax.
Food : I'm a huge fans of tofu and chicken cordon bleu, but don't you dare to give me spicy food lol
Drink : Nothing as good as iced water lol
Song : I love easy-listening song, like country or instrumental.
Color : Pink and White ! Best and cute combination :D
Beauty Products : OF COURSE MASK ! Mask come to mama 

I have a medium-light skin.
Oily Combination
Skin problem : blackhead and whitehead, dull skin, uneven skin tone
Height : 163~165 cm (I forgot lol)
Weight : 50 kg

That's all about me
Let's be friends !