[REVIEW] Clarins Skin Spa and Open Spa Treatment

August 17, 2018

Hi ! Welcome back to my dreamland !
So, a few days ago I took face and body treatment at Clarins Spa. Clarins Spa is located at Seibu Grand Indonesia, Metro Taman Anggrek Mall, and Pacific Place Mall Jakarta (but I came to Clarins, Pacific Place Mall) ^^  By the way, have you ever heard about this brand before? This 'well-known' brand originated in Paris, and has been established for 64 years. 

Jacque Courtin Clarins, the founder of Clarins was a physiotherapist who always listened to the complaints of his clients, and most of them are women. He understands women desire to look beautiful, that's why he creates products that can help every woman to be beautiful using plant extracts. Now, Clarins developing through out the world.

Clarins has a lot of products, it's adjusted to our skin type and needs (since everyone has a lot of different skin type and problems). So, make sure you choose the right products ^^

Ok let's go back to the topic, Clarins has Skin Spa and Open Spa, it provides a face and body treatment. Clarins Open Spa and Skin Spa do detoxification for your body with immediate result. Curious ? Keep scrolling ! ^^


There's around 7 treatments at Skin Spa, consists of Body and Face Treatment.
Face Treatment : Skin Soother, Whitening Activator, Moisture Quencher, Radiance Smoother.
Body Treatment : Contour Shaper, Body Firming, Body Sculptor.

I took the Skin Soother face treatment. It's suitable for you that have a sensitive skin, because it will help you to reduce the sensitivity and make your skin brighter and healthier. Before I tell you more about Skin Spa Treatment, let's take a look at the room ^^ 

As you can see, the room is so neat and clean. It makes every clients will be so much relax and comfortable. First, I have to take off my clothes, and use torso wrap to cover my chest. After that, I lay down on the bed and the therapist cover me with a bed cover. Let me tell you, the bed is so warm ! I can feel there's a device under the bed that turned on to make it warmer.

FYI, Skin Spa is the combination of hand massage and plant extracts. At the Clarins Institute, every movement and touch will make the product works well to the skin. The unique touch of Clarins is an exclusive massage to activate blood sirculations. So, of course the teraphists are trained well.

First, the therapist clean up my hands and foot with treatment oil and warm water then make a little massage from my head, hands, chest, and foot. I was told to smell the essential oil and breathe (inhale.... exhale ...) It's good to make me relax before treatment.

She covered my hair, then clean my face. She used oil remover to remove my make up, and wash it with a cloth of warm water. After it cleansed off, the treatment begin ^^

(Ok, pardon my PIH skin. It's caused by break out a few months ago, and I still tryin' to reduce the dark spot.) After my face is clean, we do "Skin Preparation / Detox". She used Preparatory Exfoliating Lotion (to remove dirt and cleanse my skin) and SOS Soothing Supplement (to reduce the sensitivity, and soothing). All I can remember is after she applied the products, she starts to massage me. From head, face, chest, back and hands.

No, she's not only apply it on my face, but also my hands. She keeps massaging me till it absorbs well and it makes me so relax ! After that, we're move from "Skin Preparation" to "Soothing Coktail" step. She used Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring (to contour face / face shaper) and SOS Soothing Suplement. In this step, the therapist put the products and massage my face. Pressing my face to make it in shape, slowly, and massage, massage, massage.

Then, move to "Triple Mask" step. She applied Total Eye Balm-Mask (anti dark circle, anti wrinkles, and anti swelling) on my eyes, then applied SOS Soothing Mousse-Mask (soothing, moisturize, and soften skin) on my face. Yes she applied it too on my lips (some people asking me this lol), but I don't know which mask is it :( Oh, she applied the supplement too ! Yes, every step of  "Skin Soother Treatment" using a supplement.

She covered my face with cloth that looks like a tissue, and wait it for around 5 minutes or more. There's no cooling sensation, and there's no tingling sensation too. I just don't feel anything haha. After this step, we're move to the last step. It's "Hydrate / Protect" step, she used Radiance Boosting Suplement (to brighten face) and sunscreen to protect me from UV, and done !

As you can see, my face become healthier and glowing ! So, if you need to brighten and make your skin glowing instantly, maybe you should try this treatment. You'll see the difference in 1x treatment, but if you need more effective results, you have to take your treatment regularly. The treatment takes around 60 minutes / treatment.

She's my therapist, but sorry, I forgot to ask her name, lol. She's so kind and answer all of my questions hihi. Oh, almost all of the products used in this treatment aren't sold at the counter, it's special and limited only for Skin Spa ^^

Skin Spa Price Range : IDR 875.000 ~ 990.000 (depends on what treatment that you took).
Skin Soother : IDR 875.000

2. Open Spa
Now, at Skin Spa Pacific Place Mall, Clarins provide an Open Spa. It's dedicated for clients that want to take care of their skin but have a limited time. Open Spa is an effective beauty solution for modern women.

Open Spa Clarins provides 8 open spa choices :
Bye Dry Skin (for hydration), Youth Express (for firmer facial features), Detox SOS (for radiance), Eye Must (for smoother, younger-looking eyes), Skin's Fit (for vitality and tone), Say No To Tension (for easing tight muscle), SOS V-Shape (for refined, lifted facial contours), All About Brightening (for restoring a brighter glow). All the treatments adjusted to concentration and your skin conditions.

Here's the place, as it's name "OPEN SPA", the place can be seen at people outside the store. There's a huge mirror and 1 chair for the client. So, I guess it's only for 1 client at a time.

I took the "Say No to Tension" treatment. It's a body treatment that suitable for you who feel tired. The therapist do a specific techniques from Clarins to ensure the absorption of the products without rubbing the skin, so the client can get a better skin after treatment. Treatment begins with 'awakening the sense' to relax the five sensory muscles in order to receive the benefits of treatment.

Say No to Tension is 30 minutes treatment full of massage. It was gently massaged from head, shoulder, and hands with Clarins Products. The products are "Hand and Nail Treatment" (for Intensive Hydration), "Relax Body Treatment Oil" (for Soothe, Relax and Smooth) and "Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance" (for Vitality, Freshness, Firmness). The combination of the products and hand massage, really makes me relax and fresh ^^
Price : IDR 300.000 / treatment

So, that's it. 1 hour and 30 minutes treatment that totally makes me relax , love my hydrated, healthy and glowing skin afterwards. Thank you Clarins !


Have you tried their treatment ? Share it on the comment below ~
Thanks for reading and see you on my next post ! ^^


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