[REVIEW] Innisfree - Capsule Recipe Pack (Volcanic Clay Mask)

February 25, 2017

Hi !
Today I wanna review Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack
This mask only 10 ml, but it can be used around 3-5 times :)
 It has 9 varians but I choose Volcanic Clay Mask :D
They come in 2 textures : Scrub and Smooth
Srub masks are volcanic, aloe, green tea, canola honey and jeju bija & tea tree.
and smooth mask is seaweed
Volcanic clay mask used to clear pores, it has the powerful capacity to absorb sebum and wash away impurities whilst purifying and moisturizing skin :D
so, your skin will be cleaner and healthier!

The packaging is simple, it's just a plastic with a sticker on it.
The color is different, it based on the varians like Brown for Volcanic, Tosca for Aloe, Green for Green Tea, Blue for Sea Weed, Yellow for Canola Honey, Light Tosca for Jeju Bija & Tea Tree.
And as I said before, mine is volcanic clay mask :D
Front packaging

It's full of Korean language, and I don't know what is it  #lol
Back Packaging
When you open it, there'll be a seal with the varian written on it.
I love this cause it make the mask hygiene and it makes you know if it's new or not, right?

Here's the close up pic, there's an expired date on it :)
Seal and EXP Date
First impression?
It looks like a melted chocolate ice cream lol
and I don't know why it smells like a chocolate cake and beer (?) but it's fairly smells like that *honestly I can't tell how the smell* XD
The texture is not sticky, it's light and easy to blend it, but it's hard to remove.
This is my bare face, so sorry that I have a lot of black spot XD
Bare Face

How to use :
1. After face wash, spread the mask evenly on your face and massage your face to relax facial muscles
2. Wait until 10-15 minutes.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water, and massage it.

When I'm using it, I don't know why my nose feels so wet (?)
and took more time to dry than the other side of my face.

After using it I feel my face brighter, smoother and cleaner.
It doesn't give me that "tight feeling" *iykwim*
After wash my face

+ Make my face brighter, cleaner, and smoother
+ Travel friendly
+ No tight feeling
+ Can remove my blackheads a lil bit

- Only 10 ml, the jumbo size is so limited :(
- It's quite hard to rinse off

Price : IDR 24.000 - 27.000/pc

Overall, it's quite good for my oily combination skin :D
RATE : 4.5/5
Recommended ? of course ! 
I'll try Jeju Bija & Tea tree next :D
Have you tried another varian?
Leave your comment below ^^

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