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[ W E L C O M E ]

My name is Natasha Stefanie Setiawan (Nata Hsu)
Born at Banjarmasin, 14th Sept.
A beauty and lifestyle blogger since 2016.
Love everything related to skincare and make up.
Obsessed to share my opinion about beauty, travel, food and fashion.


"Sprinkleofrain.com is a place where my dreamland starts. A place where I can share my thoughts about beauty, fashion, food, and travel freely. A place I called home. "



Skintone : Medium - Light Skin (neutral skintone)
Skin type : Normal - Dry
Skin problem : Blackhead and whitehead, PIH, acne, wrinkles.
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 51 kg


Btw, my previous blog was natahsu.blogspot.co.id that's why a lot of products have a watermark with that blog on it. But it's moving to www.sprinkleofrain.com at Oct 21,2017.

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